Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Science spam

The daily barrage of Viagra, Microsoft software and Rolex rip-offs is bad enough, but recently I've noticed a category of specialised spam reserved just for us scientists. For example, today I received this:
Dear Dr. James,

Cloning is tedious and unpredictable. The process can get stuck anywhere. For example, the template may be hard to get or a restriction site may be not available. Sometimes ligation doesn’t work. All these problems may stop your great idea from becoming a high-impact publication. Our Gene Synthesis Service offers an easy and affordable alternative to solving all these problems by yourself.

And keep the rest of the matter in mind:

· De novo synthesis can start right after we receive your sequence
· Codon optimization is included, compliments of GenScript
· Unlimited mutations – at any position
· We deliver your gene in any vector, including those suitable for protein expression

Get a sense of how easy and comprehensive our service is – ask for quotation today

Our customer representatives are available 24 hours, Monday through Friday. You may contact us anytime for assistance. Please check our contact page for our local reginal numbers.

Gen Script Corporation - VWR Strategic Partner
120 Centennial Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854
Tel: 1-732-885-9188 ext 128
Fax: 1-732-210-0262
Sadly, it appears that even science spam is rife with bad English ("And keep the rest of the matter in mind") and innuendo ("sometimes ligation doesn't work", "unlimited mutations - at any position"). What do they think, that I'll be titillated by their promise to "deliver your gene in any vector" and do some impulse shopping at VWR?

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