Wednesday, 19 March 2008

A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Accolade

Many thanks to MissPrism at A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag who has rated lil' ol' Data Not Shown "E for Excellent"!

Of course, the decks were stacked in my favor (just a little), because it was yours truly wearing my Beagle Project Blog hat who rated MissPrism "E" in the first place. But hey, I'll take it, because when one's blog is young and still a little wayward like Data Not Shown, one is obliged to enthusiastically trumpet any and all instances of link love that one can get.

And I now humbly bestow the "E for Excellent" upon the following blogs (yes, it's an entirely separate list from the Beagle bestowal):
  • Botany Photo of the Day was my very first regular blog read from way back in the day when I didn't even know what a blog was... you know, like two years ago.
  • Just today I discovered the Londonist, for Londoners in the know.
  • A Natural History of Runswick Bay, written by none other than fellow Beagle Blogger Peter McGrath, brings all manner of treasure from England's northeast coast direct to our desktops.
  • Oceanographic Research Vessel Alguita, a real-time blog by intrepid marine environmental scientists, on location from the place where plastic crawls away to die live forever.
  • The Oyster's Garter: smart and sassy, in a sciencey way. In other words, I love it.
  • Space Cadet is off to kind of a slow start but I really like what I see there and think it should be encouraged.
  • xkcd, "A webcomic of math, romance, sarcasm and language". Also has an utterly fabulous online shop.

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Miriam Goldstein said...

I'm doubly glad you linked to the Oyster's Garter because now I found your personal blog and I can read you allllllll the time. Excellent!