Sunday, 2 November 2008

Stella by starlight

Welcome to the world, Stella! Your mother has put out a request for lullabies but after having racked my brain for two weeks, I couldn't come up with anything, and though I do plan to ask my own mum, she is on an RV trip right now. However, a little searching yielded this, something that I know both of your parents will dig:

Languages from the Cradle is a European Union funded project to collect the lullabies of Europe. Learn more in this mp3 from United Nations Radio (did you know there was such a thing? neither did I) including a lovely Sudanese lullaby, and don't miss the Languages from the Cradle wiki.

I also offer two lullabies from my favorite British songstress, Kate Rusby. The first is a real lullaby and the second and third are two versions (second one is live and I love how the audience embraces it ...I even see some young heads nodding off) of a traditional song that works well as one:


Kevin Zelnio said...

Stunning, I love 'em both! She is beautiful and has the voice of a angel.

I highly recommend you go to your iTunes and download some Hem. They do several lullabies (where I learned them for my own kiddies!), but their music is beautiful and calm. My daughter would always relax and sleep when we played it. I particularly like the disc Rabbit Songs. I will refund your money if you do not like it!

Karen James said...

Thanks, will check it out. Kate Rusby's best album is Awkward Annie (download that first) and the others are brilliant too.

Anonymous said...

oh and

which is uh...

alrighty then

acerview54 said...

Hi Karen
I a partner for the Lullabies of Europe project. Thank you for adding your kind comments to your Blog.

You are also welcome to embed some of the 7 videos we have placed on YouTube (I have placed 2 links here) see:

You are also very welcome to add your lullabies to our Wiki, and thank you for mentioning that as well.

Panic Attack said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the videos. She does have a voice of an angel as Kevin said. I will download some more from iTunes. Would love to hear the Rabbit Songs.