Sunday, 16 November 2008

Shake your frozen assets

I got hip to mobile clubbing when I read (and, I admit, wept over) a Guardian piece appropriately titled An Explosion of Delight, which describes the scene at London's Liverpool Street station on an October evening in 2006, just over a year after the horrific terrorist bombing there, when hundreds if not thousands of people who had moments before seemed to just be going about their daily commute, suddenly broke into dance at the appointed moment.

And so it was, that on that evening, by participating in a public expression of joy and solidarity with hundreds of perfect stangers, Londoners took back Liverpool Street Station from the terrorists:

There's another mobile clubbing event coming soon, this one timed to help us all shake off some of our financial frustrations by shaking our booties frozen assets this Tuesday, at 6:20pm, outside the Bank of England. For more info click the bank note:

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