Tuesday, 16 September 2008


*shakes off cobwebs and preoccupation with politics*

My friend M sent not one but two shots across my bow today. The first was her assertion on Facebook that the only sandal Birkenstock should bother producing is the Milano. Pfffft. Everyone (minus one) knows the Arizona is where it's at.

The second, and this is going to be the subject of this post, was her post on [name of blog removed], [name of post removed]. In the challenge post, M gives us a tantalizing spread of brainy-therefore-intimidating-and-inhibited-therefore-oh-so-debauchable-therefore-sexy pin-up girls.

Which is all well and good.


Why do the librarian types get to have a monopoly on brainy-sexiness? Where are the scientists? We're brainy, after all, and therefore I think we should bebetter represented in our cultural repertoire of brainy-sexy images.

And therein lies the challenge: go ye my minions readers and find me images of sexy scientists! Extra credit will be given for images which are caricatures of sciency sexiness. The Scientist Pin-Up is ultimately what we're after here, the idealized sexiness of scientists.

I will now gather a few starter images, and recruit a few allies, and will get back to you soon with my first salvo of sexy science images. In the meantime, please post links to your own submissions in comments. At some stage we'll do a poll or a vote or something. Winner to receive bragging rights and possibly a mention on the Cafe Press t-shirt that I plan to make from the winning image with the caption "science is sexy".