Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Total lunar eclipse begins in four hours

At 1:43am GMT (8:43pm EST) the Moon will enter the blurry edge of the Earth's shadow, called the Penumbra. Then, at 3:01am GMT (10:01pm EST) the total eclipse (Moon in the darkest part of the Earth's shadow, the Umbra) will begin, and will last for 50 minutes before the Moon begins its slow exit from the Earth's shadow through the Penumbra on the other side.

So put on a pot of Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and get ready for a lovely reminder of the orbital dance that takes our cold and lonely Moon about our precious Earth about our helium Sun. Me, I'll be reminiscing about my close encounter with Moon rocks back in November.

More info at NASA (naturally) including diagrams like the above for other time zones and an explanation for why the moon is depicted here moving from east to west.

Update 21 Feb.: Stayed up until 2am only to be thwarted by London fog. Damn. Others were more fortunate. My favorite picture at right, the eclipse as seen from Cape Town.

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