Saturday, 6 December 2008


It's going to be a little untidy here at DNS while I mess around with the layout, finally populate that scrawny sidebar over there and, most importantly, set a few rules about what this blog is and isn't going to be about. Yep, we're talkin' discipline. And it's not even New Year's Day yet.

Speaking of reinvention, don't miss Richard Grant's play-by-play account of transitioning from science to, well, not science. I'm not entirely clear yet what Richard's new gig is but whatever it is, if these posts are any indication, he's going to shine:
And in case you're wondering why he's talking about leaping out of a void, you might do well to take in Jennifer Rohn's April 2007 excellent post on leaping into one.


Anonymous said...

Nice new header!

Karen James said...

Whythankyou! It is the result of a rather frenzied session in Open Office Draw in which I had much fun with transparencies.

Panic Away said...

I agree with you one hundred percent - Richard is indeed going to shine. Thanks for the links. They are superb.